BC Hacktoberfest

A month-long open source competition for students in British Columbia, hosted by StartupStorm, and inspired by Hacktoberfest.


How does this work?

Take some time this month to get involved with open source development on GitHub - as you make more contributions to external projects, you and your school's score will increase in the leaderboard below.

Leaderboard will be live on October 1st.

What if I'm new to open source?

No problem! Create a GitHub account and follow the official open source guide.

We will also be hosting a series of workshops in October to help you get started with open source development.
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Where can I find projects to work on?

You can find projects that are specifically looking for Hacktoberfest contributions here.

You can also browse active projects on GitHub through the trending projects page.

When can I start?

You can sign up anytime and the competition runs from October 1st to October 31st.

How do I join?

Just sign up with GitHub! We also recommend that you sign up for the Global Hacktoberfest Initiative - if you make at least 4 pull requests, you will win a limited edition Hacktoberfest t-shirt!




    Username Number of Pull Requests School
    whitef0x0 21 UBC
    nanbul98 10 UBC
    jumbosushi 9 UBC
    bobheadxi 7 UBC
    adinkwok 4 UBC
    nicolehli 4 UBC
    iKevinY 4 UBC
    tab8748 4 UBC
    bchui 4 UBC
    theblackathena 3 UBC
    alisawuffles 2 UBC
    chamkank 2 UBC
    vaastav 2 UBC
    jasonsoon 1 UBC
    samsonkeung 1 UBC
    patricklinpl 1 UBC
    yao00 1 UBC
    mvpzzp 1 UBC
    yutianlin 0 UBC
    CloudIcarus 0 UBC
    jnwu 0 UBC
    wwyc 0 UBC
    LovecraftZhang 0 UBC
    dRl-l 0 UBC
    ahmedhatem3 0 UBC
    AnitaKirkovska 0 UBC
    andrewt1 0 UBC
    luceliu 0 UBC
    yashadnani24 0 UBC
    svmvnthvs 0 UBC
    annakin6 0 UBC
    takejaw6 0 UBC
    schan219 0 UBC